‘ERASE BULLYING DAY’: Students and teachers of San Vicente Elementary School gather in front of the school’s stage as part of the celebration of Erase Bullying Day on Wednesday. The occasion, which is observed nationally, is celebrated by wearing pink shirts for the day. (Contributed Photo)


‘Laws passed in violation of OGA are null and void’

Hunter’s counsel, however, states that particular remedy not addressed in their settlement deal
by Ferdie De La Torre
Under the Open Government Act, laws passed in violation of the OGA are null and void, but that particular remedy was not addressed in the settlement agreement between private citizen Glen Hunter, Lt. Gov. Ralph DLG. Torres, and two lawmakers, according to Hunter’s counsel, Jennifer Dockter, yesterday. Dockter told Saipan Tribune that the effect of the admission of Torres, House Speaker Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero (R-Saipan), and House vice speaker Rafael S. Demapan (R-Saipan) to OGA… Read More»

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‘Quichocho made fraudulent transfer of lands, properties’

10 parcels of land transferred to a brother
by Ferdie De La Torre
Disbarred lawyer Ramon K. Quichocho allegedly transferred 10 parcels of land on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota to his brother, Ignacio, supposedly for $30,000, while his and wife’s jury trial were ongoing in federal court, according to attorney Robert T. Torres. That case eventually… Read More»

MVA looks to Russia market’s rebound

by Jayson Camacho
Looking at the arrival numbers from Russia these days would get your stomach dropping. From a highest ever total of 13,856 in fiscal year 2014, it has nosedived to just a little over 1,300 in the last five months—a steep plunge equivalent to diving off a cliff. No less than… Read More»

BSI: No revenue from casino training center

by Joel D. Pinaroc
Best Sunshine International, Ltd. does not expect to earn from a “live” training facility it plans to construct at the first level of the DFS building in Garapan. Company CEO Mark Brown said the business group is just waiting for the Saipan Lottery Commission to give its approval… Read More»


Blue Haus marches into finals; KB Hite stay alive

Blue Haus bagged the first finals berth, while KB Hite remained in contention for the last one as they defeated separate playoff foes in the 2015 Graphics Invitational Masters Basketball League last Wednesday night at the Gillette Multipurpose Gymnasium.… Read More»


Delta employees earn more than $1B in profit sharing

ATLANTA—Delta Air Lines employees received yesterday profit sharing as part of the company’s $1.1 billion total payout for 2014—the largest payment in the company’s history—in recognition for their industry-leading performance. “At Delta, we believe that… Read More»


Happy Ewe Year!

Traditional Chinese society observes 15-days of spring holiday which is also the onset of the year in its lunisolar calendar. However, Yang, the Zodiac sign for the year, is the same word for lamb, ram, goat, and sheep. Since the characteristics of the… Read More»

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Strategic planning that gets you nowhere

The CHCC’s CEO announced a few days ago the launch of CHCC’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020, and invited stakeholders to submit comments. The 16-page document may be a mistaken understanding of the CEO because this phase (initial publication) as it… Read More»