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Sunday, April 20, 2014

UPGRADES: Radiocom personnel install state-of-the-art traffic signals at the Beach Road-Microl intersection in San Jose yesterday, which is a portion of the Department of Public Works’ $1.425-million traffic signal system upgrade project.  The project includes removal and replacement of traffic signal controllers, including cabinets and pedestrian push buttons.  Traffic signal heads are upgraded to light emitting diode, or LEDs, at 19 intersections on Saipan, among other things.  (Haidee V. Eugenio)

A Braves lefty batter waits for the pitch from the Red Sox during their playoff game in the Senior League division of the 2014 Saipan Little League Baseball last Saturday at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield. (ROSELYN B. MONROYO) The Tanapag Braves are back in the finals, following a 6-1 victory over the Red Sox in the first playoff game in the Senior League division of the 2014 Saipan Little League Baseball last Saturday at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield.....full story

I have no intention of being disrespectful. Today is a solemn day in Christendom. It holds a very profound understanding of human existence in that it named the ultimate humiliation of Christendom’s mystical hero Jesus in the recalled day of the crucifixion as “Good Friday.” I never understood the goodness in this day as a Pollyannaish Protestante used to the genre of happy endings. But there it is in the Gregorian calendar every year: Good Friday!....full story

April is National Poetry Month, a monthlong, national celebration of poetry established by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. To mark the occasion, Tinian English teacher Joseph Connolly submitted the following poems for publication:....full story

»Airline adds other new amenities

GUAM—Delta Air Lines introduced new sleep kits and several updated amenities for passengers seated in the Economy cabin on long-haul international flights, including Trans Pacific routes connecting Japan, China, Korea, Australia and mainland U.S., as well as Japan to Hawaii, Narita to Singapore, and Narita to Bangkok.....full story

Board poised to call OPA investigation once audit is finalized

Members of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. board were alarmed yesterday over what they described as “scary revelations” about the organization’s finances after an audit uncovered several unrecorded disbursements and unsupported and unidentified transactions.....full story

The trial of murder suspect Joseph A. Crisostomo went on an on-site visit yesterday to the former La Fiesta Mall where the body of bartender Emerita Romero was found and the street where she was last seen alive, boarding a car.....full story

Commonwealth Utilities Corp. board chair David J. Sablan said the utilities agency’s ties with independent power producer Telesource CNMI remains the same in lieu of a recent determination that the company is a public utility that requires oversight of the regulatory agency.....full story


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